What did you achieve today?

About a month ago I stopped ‘playing’ this game on Facebook called Mafia Wars. I put the word playing in quotes because there really isn’t much skill involved in the game and all it boils down to is doing some form of work every day and making some small decisions that ultimately don’t matter at all. I played for a while actually, every single day. Since I quit I’ve often wondered why I played it for so long.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’d formed this habit because I was finding enjoyment in my daily dose of the game. Further, I’ve concluded that the enjoyment came from a little bit of achievement every day. This probably is the core of the WoW addiction many people (including myself) have/had.

Life has become so easy (convenient) for us that I don’t think we get enough satisfaction in achieving things anymore. It used to be a big deal when we did things because they were hard. It was hard to find things (bargains, certain consumer goods, etc). It was hard to communicate (keep in touch with friends, writing needed a dictionary to look things up, etc.). It was hard to travel (had to use maps and directions to get places). Because of this difficulty in our lives, when we did things, we felt a sense of accomplishment. We did things on our own.

So I submit to you my theory that we Americans have it so easy that don’t achieve anything of substance and I think that deficit manifests itself in various ways that we aren’t aware of. We should ponder that for a moment. What ways to do you find yourself unconsciously fulfilling that need?

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