GPS Improvements

I was thinking the other days of ways that I’d like to see in car GPS systems improve. Here are my notes :

1) 1 screen, any software : Every car should come equipped with a unit that can use any software. Same for aftermarket units. Why should I have to decide beteween Tom Tom or Garmin or some other system? Why can’t I choose the software I use? This competition will be awesome for the consumer and force the companies to build interfaces that rock!

2) Tourist mode: there should be a mode that you can turn on that will provide you with info as you drive. Sometimes when I’m going somewhere new, along the way I see parks and stuff and I’d love to know about the towns I’m passing through or the near landmarks. “You’re passing through the Shady Vally region which in the 1700’s was home to a pirate tribe. 5 miles south of here is a museam of their history”, etc.

3) Big Screen! I want a big screen that I can scroll with my fingers like an iPhone. I want to be able to see my surroundings and other roads in case I want to detour. You can’t do that now.

4) “Real Map” mode: Instead of the simplified maps I want to be able to overlay a real old fashioned map instead.

One thought on “GPS Improvements

  1. I don’t like the idea of requiring uniform hardware, but I like the idea of opening it up to competing software. Ultimately, you need choice. I got into an argument yesterday from someone who accused me of never buying top of the line items – of course he was correct, I don’t – I want bang for the buck – people need choices.


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