consume near me

Google, (or Bing) or some new competitor should immediately implement this idea: I want to have a search engine (with map) where I simply enter in a menu item, or other consumable, and the engine tells me where I can buy it near my current location. “where can I buy flip-flops?”, “where can I eat cous-cous?”, etc. Of course they can add ratings and put in ads or whatever, but the key here is that a consumer from their pc (or smart phone) can simply enter in what they want and then get the nearest place to consume it.

This can be done in a number of ways, but my idea is to come up with a standard XML format that vendors can submit. a web GUI could be setup as well for them.

Problems include verification of items so we don’t have a bait and swtich situation. Perhaps they could add user ratings and verification.. the possibilities are endless.

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