Quicken is Evil

Well, Intuit, the makers of Quicken are evil. Quicken is actually a great tool and I use it every day. But lately I’ve been getting the feeling that Intuit is trying to milk their loyal customers for money.

Point 1 : I’ve been using Q for about 10 years now and 2 years ago they kept begging me to upgrade. I was happy with the old version so I didn’t. Well, soon enough the old version stopped working with my bank. Apparently to use online banking I would have to upgrade. Good one Intuit.

Point 2 : I’ve been getting bugged constantly to upgrade again. Again, I see no reason to but now the software is failing.. well, the internet part is. I have to check my stock quotes online about 6-7 times now to get them to load properly. Strange huh? Something that has been working fine for years now is failing.. I would bet that the new version works great. Fuckers.

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