Ever since I first saw a particular episode of “Veronica’s Closet” (1997-2000) where there was a bet to see if someone could invent a word and get it into the new york times, I’ve wanted to do the same, but instead of the NYT, I wanted my word or expression to enter the mainstream. Interestingly enough a word that a friend and I came up with and started using in highschool circa 1986 ended up exploding into the mainstream in 1999 when it was uttered in the movie American Pie. You may have heard of it: MILF. Yes, I know you don’t believe me, but if I had the time I would explain in great detail the origin and subsequent popularity of the word but I don’t. Instead I have a moment to tell you about two new things I’ve come up with that I hope someday to hear in public spoken by someone I don’t know.

The first is an expression that I came up with that you would use if you want someone to give more effort or if you want someones writing to be less boring or if you want someone to be more aggressive, etc. The expression is “Gimmie some pepper”.  I know it sounds stupid at first, but once it gets popular you may hear it everywhere. For example, the coach of a girls cheerleading squad is not happy with the lackluster performance would say: “Hey girls, give me some pepper out there!”.

The second expression I’m much more proud of and I think it has a better chance of succeeding.. I can see it in a hip hop lyric sometime soon. The expression is something on the lines of “that’s really felt” or “that’s felt”.. What it means is that something is really cool or good looking. It comes from the fact that felt is the fabric used on the best poker tables and pool tables and it also comes from “heart felt” meaning that something has hit home. Originally my idea was for it to be a style expression as a reverse word to use (since felt is a cheap fabric).. so you would say to your lady “damn girl, you’re looking felt tonight!”.

Use these as much as you like.. but remember where you heard it first…

One thought on “expressions

  1. duh, I think “pepper” is already a slangish word, Definition:

    1. transitive verb sprinkle food with pepper: to add or sprinkle pepper as a seasoning onto something

    2. transitive verb assail somebody or something: to bombard somebody or something with something

    3. sprinkle something around: to scatter things liberally onto or among something ( often passive )
    manuscripts peppered with typing errors

    4. transitive verb make something lively: to liven up something, e.g. a speech with wit
    Nice try.
    I’d like to come up with the term for the next “generation” … like “neo-G” or “Neu-G”. I like “neu-g” it sounds sort of like nuggie. dumb kids
    but sad to say it could be our last generation so maybe the Gasp Generation


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