Our Allies in Saudi Arabia are so wonderful

This woman in Saudi Arabia was raped by six armed men. They all got between 1 and 5 years in prison for the offence. Interestingly enough the woman was punished as well for breaking a law where she wasn’t allowed in the car of a non-family member, so she got 90 lashes (as if her suffering wasn’t bad enough). But here’s the interesting part. Her lawyer had appealed the sentences of the men and asked the court to give the men the death penalty. After the appeal the judge raised the sentances for the men but also decided that the woman should get 200 lashes and jail time herself. (story here)

We hear about these cases all the time in the middle east. Where women are stoned, whipped, even killed for “bringing dishonor” to her family. We hear of women mutilated at puberty. We hear of all kinds of horrible offences towards women in these countries and yet our woman’s groups don’t protest and our country keeps up relations with these countries instead of bringing them to task for their human rights violations. What’s up with that? Why is this?

Yesterday the UN got all up in arms about the death penalty. They decided that it was cruel and inhumane punishment and should be abolished worldwide no matter what the host countries thought (of course the US was against the measure) . Why isn’t the UN trying to pass similar proclamations/laws/letters of intent (what do they pass exactly?) about the treatment of women in Islamic countries?

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