Is a coup coming?

So, according to NSPD-51 the president can skip the constitution, ignore congress and take over state and local govts. and private companies in the event of an “emergency” (which the president can define) for as long as he wants! So he could either declare an emergency or perhaps stage a fake terrorist attack and then take over the govt, dissolve congress and become supreme leader.. scary stuff! What kind of nation do we have that allows the president to simply declare stuff like this and get away with it? Why does our media ignore this? People, pay attention!

Here’s a video about it. Also, here’s a nice written piece about it.

Lastly.. in slate we see an article that at first appears skeptical but eventually you see that they are really paying attention :

I wish I did, but I see nothing in the document to prevent even a “localized” forest fire or hurricane from giving the president the right to throw long-established constitutional government out the window, institute a number of unspecified continuity policies, and run the country with the guidance of the “National Continuity Coordinator” and with the “Continuity Policy Coordination Committee” for as long as the president sees fit.

This order has been issued by executive fiat and has not been subjected to any public examination by the other two branches, which have behaved in a supine way that suggests how they’ll behave when comity time arrives and urgent decisions on the fate of the nation and perhaps the world (nuclear retaliation being what it is) need to be made immediately.

The fact that Congress has not scrutinized and challenged the potential here for an emergency-situation power grab is scandalous, unacceptable.

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