Do the wipers on your car suck? Ours do.. we have to get them changed but I don’t feel like taking the time to set up an appointment with the garage, drop off the car, etc. I also don’t want to do it myself and I don’t want to go to some quick Jiffy Lube type place.

Everyone should replace their wipers every six months. Some people should do it every 3 months. Wouldn’t it be cool if there were a service that took care of this for you? I see it like this. I go onto the “wiperman” website and sign up with my cc info, my car make and model, my license plate and my home address. At some periodic time the folks at wiperman send me an email saying they’re going to be changing my wipers. I do nothing. One day I wake up, get in my car and there is a flyer under my wipers saying something like “all new.. brought to you by Wiperman”. Yup, I’ve done nothing and the folks at wiperman have found my car on the street and changed my wipers. And they will for all eternity (as long as when I move I tell them)…

There could also be a one time service call where the guy comes out at night and it’s done by the morning: you call or set it up on the website, pay and presto, done. How cool would that be?

Man.. I am an idea king..

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