I love TV. And my favorite time of the year is approaching.. Around now all the new network shows start rolling out and I Tivo a ton of them and check them out. So far I’ve seen 4 new shows (and have a few more queued up to watch) : “Kitchen Nightmares” (covered a couple of posts ago), “Back to You” on Fox (which is about ‘eh’ on my rating scale), “Big Bang Theory” on NBC (which may actually be good) and “Torchwood” on BBCA.

First off, quickly lets talk about “Big Bang Theory”. This show is sit-com about a couple of supposed physics geniuses . This show is interesting to me because I’m not sure what their intended audience is . If that audience  is  intended to be as many americans as possible,  they better not get too technical (technical jokes, etc.) they will alienate most of them. On the flip side, if they are trying to get the geek audience, they better make sure that all of their tech jokes are not only plausible and technically correct, but funny for geeks at the same time. It’s not clear from the Pilot. I found some funny geek humor (String Theory references mostly) but some of it was incorrect. My guess is that they are going to sway towards the former audience and in that case, I think I’m going to hate it but we’ll just have to see.

Now on to something important: “Torchwood“. First off, know that I love “Dr. Who” the new seasons that have come out of BBC over the past 3 years have been pretty much flawless. I found them fun, funny, intelligent, subversive, interesting, and at times tear-jerky. I really love this show. “Torchwood” is a spin off of the new “Dr. Who”. Torchwood in the “Dr. Who” storyline is a British agency that is a version of “Men in Black” or “X-files”. In addition, the lead character of the show (Captain Jack Harkness) is a character I loved from the second season of “Dr. Who”.

So far I’ve seen 2 episodes and I actually didn’t have high expectations for some reason. But I’ve been pretty surprised. It’s been a slow start but I like where its all headed. I think that this could have the potential to be great. So far I love Captain Jack since I see a lot of depth in him that I want to know more about. I also like the female lead (Gwen Cooper) who I think is really hot in some odd way. The other characters I’m not sure about, but something tells me that they will grow on me a bit. Anyway, give this a try if you are into sci-fi stuff. I did and I’m glad.

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