America really sucks lately

And I’ll tell you why with 2 quick items.

The first is the fact that a girl was almost blown to bits by overzealous asshole cops a couple of days ago. Of course I’m talking about Star Simpson at Logan airport. I just came across a blog post on salon that pretty much sums up how I feel so I’ll just let you read that first. What’s sad is that we Americans instead of being upset at how the cops overreacted and almost killed someone for having an unidentified electronic device at an airport (my lord what will we do?) we do one of two things. We shrug it off as just another odd story in this crazy county of ours or we say something along the lines of “well, she should have known better”. Really? Should Cartoon Network have known better when they put up the mooninites? Why should we as American citizens have to spend brain cycles all the time checking all of our public actions to make sure that we don’t look or seem like “evil terrorists bent on destruction”?? I mean really. Let me tell you something. If someone wanted to blow up an airport or someone wanted to attack and kill a bunch of Americans they would do it and we wouldn’t be able to stop them because anyone should know that a determined attacker will not walk into an airport with a bomb strapped to the outside of their sweatshirt. I for one believe that they would probably hide it in some way. Ugh.. I’m done but I could go on.. I don’t think I need to though.. those of you who read here all pretty much agree with me anyway.. who am I convincing?

The second item is not directly related but it still shows us how sad we’ve become. For 3 years now I have been enjoying “Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares” on BBC America. This show was a simple, genuine and interesting look at how to turn around a failing restaurant. Gordon Ramsay, a very successful and opinionated chef would visit a failing restaurant, figure out what was wrong with it and then work with the owners to make it better again. He would come back a month or so later to check up on it. The show was great because a) the people were genuinely trying to run their establishment, b) Ramsay knew what he was doing, c) he really wanted to help fix the place up and d) occasionally he would encounter friction with the owners or their chef, etc.

I was looking forward to the American version of the show (it debuted on fox last week). Boy was I surprised. The concept was similar, the chef the same, but wow did the show suck! In typical Fox/American TV fashion, the owners of the restaurant were so over the top I was convinced the whole thing was staged and they were actors. Instead of actually implementing ideas and getting deep into the restaurant business, Ramsay (or Fox, its unclear) bought them a new kitchen and generally acted as a host and simply walked around acting surprised and the zainy owners behavior. In addition, the restaurant was completely overlit to the point of looking like a set. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that all the people had to wear makeup. In short, the show now had no soul or depth and was simply sensationalized crap that I still think was fake. But the funny thing is that I agree with what Fox did with it. The BBC version would last one episode here. American viewers would hate it because it would be too complex to understand and probably would seem quite boring. And that is what is so sad. We Americans need to be fed simple, shocking, bright doses of entertainment. We will accept nothing less. Why is this? What is the matter with us? Are we really that shallow?

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