Toynbee Tiles

tileFor those of you who keep up, you should already know that I’m fascinated by street art. Not grafitti, though some of it could be cool, but real artistic statements like the original Keith Harings, the chalk drawings I used to find every once and a while in NYC, the sticker art here in Philly, Banksy, etc. My favourite thing that I’ve noticed for a few years now but never took the time to think about and research has been these cool things I’d see in the street from time to time. I know them now to be called “Toynbee Tiles” but I used to think they were simply carved metal plates that got embedded into the street.

It seems that these tiles are not found only here in Philly. And it seems that there is a definite following of the mystery of them. But the best, most interesting visual documentation of their creation I found here (and in other posts) in the dovate blog.

One thought on “Toynbee Tiles

  1. Dovate is the man, I’ve been reading his blog for a little while now, and the Toynbee’s are great, he’s totally obsessed with them, I think you will be too.


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