One thought on “Polish government launches probe to determine if Teletubbies are gay – TV Squad

  1. Shock at BBC Teletubbies Eh-oh Greeting is the name of Satan

    Eh-oh! Greeting is the name of the Devil.
    The BBC has ordered complete media silence concerning allegations of a massive paedophile ring running CBeebies childrens broadcasting. Eh-oh! Is the Name of Satan.
    The definition is in the ancient Babylonian scripts. The row was furthered when it was noted that there was highly suspect Paedophilic child sex grooming material deliberately placed throughout the entire series. A BBc insider said: “This is clearly not just an accident”. A complet media blackout, by agreement, has been imposed on all UK News Media

    BBC Teletubbies 10th Anniversary Cbeebies Child Sex Grooming

    Hypnotic sexual suggestions used in kids program.
    Complete Media Silence has been ordered by the BBC concerning allegations of institutional child abuse programing on CBeebies. Childrens programs are said to be swimming in a mire of child sex grooming


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