Cindy Sheehan quits

…I bet GWB is happy. To me, it’s more sad that the reason Cindy is quitting is because we gave her so much shit. Read her farewell and see what you think. I think she is 100% right!

One thought on “Cindy Sheehan quits

  1. No, not she isn’t. GWB did not draft her son. No one shipped him off in a bag and sent him over there. No one even made him join the military. While our hearts go out to her on the loss of her son, let’s not put the blame on W. Let’s put aside who’s right or wrong about the war, all that aside, he willingly joined the military so he could serve his country. We should be proud of him for doing this and while we mourn his death, it’s no one’s fault. He and his family should’ve known of this possibility going in.


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