C-Span 4?

The media has let us down.. I know we have a system of checks and balances in the three branches of govt. but what we need these days is a check on the govt. entirely by the media. We need a tv network/channel that is non-partisan and non-corporate that uses investigative journalism that aims to expose the other side of whatever is happening in the govt.  Maybe they get really smart people from the Left to debate our right leaning politicians and the same in the other direction. It seems to me that the parties have both strayed away from debate and moved to name calling and most people in America don’t seem to care.. Perhaps this network should be funded by the government. Perhaps this network should also be the only place for political television ads (provided for free of course). I don’t know, I’m not feeling very wordy today so I’m sorry this sounds so confused and non-coherent..

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