Reglious Fundimentalism is pure evil

By now you’ve heard about this story of the young woman stoned to death in a public square in Iraq. It is commented on quite well and accompanied by a horrific video of the event in this blog post :

This is why I have contempt for tribalism, fundamentalism and authoritarianism. When it gets right down to it, it’s always, in the end, about mob rule. A gang of violent bullies, often at the behest of some authority figure, “sends a message” by publicly humiliating, maiming or killing one of their own who had the temerity to fail to properly conform. Whether for God or country or tribe, it’s always some poor victim, lying on the ground, covering his or her head, surrounded by people who have turned into animals.

And he is totally correct. Forget for a moment that we support the Iraqi government and others in the Middle East that probably do things like this all time. What is a problem is that if we aren’t careful, things like this can start happening here in America as well. We have fundamentalists here as well, christians and jews and others. Religion the world over has caused many evil things to happen in its name and that is plain wrong. We have to see that and we have to stand up against it whereever it happens or whereever it threatens to happen. Keep yourselves aware.. think!

One thought on “Reglious Fundimentalism is pure evil

  1. I was watching a documentary on Jahova’s Witnesses, who are inherently fundamentalists, on PBS last night. There religion is much more interesting than I ever gave them credit for, hell, I didn’t know shit about them, other than the obvious door-to-door shtick. Anyway, a large part of the story focused on how they are fundamentalists, but yet take a harder stance on violence than any other religious organization that I know of. Not only that, but they went through a really interesting historical recap of their activities in front of the supreme court, and how they’ve been as instrumental in protecting the first amendment as any organization of comparable membership (they were fighting for rights that most of us could care less about, but still resulted in stregnthening our rights nonetheless).

    So after reading your post, which I generally agree with, I realize that I no longer correlate those stigmas to fundamentalists. The people who follow the teachings of those who saw Jahova are alright by me. Next time they stop by my door I’ll be glad to engage them in a friendly conversation. Clearly they are still crazy, but in much cooler way than I ever knew.


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