Do you see the hypocracy yet?

I just don’t get it. Yesterday in Iraq there were two car bombings in the same place that killed 24 people and wounded 120. Today there was another 24 dead and 50 wounded in 4 more bombings.. That makes the 2 day total 48 dead and 170 wounded. Here is a link to my source.
Do I even have to point out to you how insane it is that we obsess for weeks about the VT killings and pay little heed to even greater death tolls in Iraq? Do the Iraqi civilians matter less because they aren’t dying within our borders?

I don’t want to get into a debate about what we should or should not do in Iraq or weather our “surge” is helping or hurting the situation there or if we should get our troops out or not. What I want to get into a debate about is weather we should as a country care more about a story where 30 die as opposed to a news story where 50 die. Do you seriously think that we’ll get 10 24 hour cycles of coverage on 5 news channels about the car bombings? We won’t and there is something fundamentally wrong about this. We have to complain to the media outlets. We have to write letters and emails to them. We have to blog about this. We have to stand up and fight this. Why don’t we? Why does it feel that I’m the only one who is trying to do something about this?

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