I can’t take it anymore

Does anyone care that on any given day 33 people die in the Sudan or that 33 people (a good portion american) die in Iraq? Does anyone care that the executive branch of the US govt. is under congressional investigation? Or that the Secretary of State may be be facing a subpoena soon? You wouldn’t think so if you watched or read the news lately. When I come in to work, the lobby of my building has CNN on a big flat screen TV. For the past 3 days the only thing I’ve seen on it (and I’ve walked past it quite a bit) has been this shooting incident at GT. Look, it’s pretty sad that this happened and innocent people died, but guess what? It’s over and its time to report on real news.. stuff that is happening right now..

Yea yea, we need time to grieve.. Blah Blah Blah. Grieve about the other deaths around the world that either we caused directly or by our inaction allowed and allow to happen all the time. Lets grieve about that. Lets grieve about how badly we ruined the environment and how we still have no plan on how to fix it. Lets grieve about New Orleans and how it isn’t much better than it was 2 years ago. And the list goes on.

We need to start questioning why nobody is standing up and pushing back against the fact that our media is failing us, that it is feeding us useless shit every day and we just eat it up. We need to complain. We need to stand up and demand that the media start focusing on things that are important. Don’t you all see where this is headed?

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