The Devils Messages

So I was watching this documentary on HBO the other day (Friends of God: A Road Trip with Alexandra Pelosi .. was ok.. nothing great) and one of the things I noticed was that there were a ton of billboards out there in America that support christian values.. and this is in addition to the ones that you are used to seeing once and a while (the god ones.. “don’t make me come down there – god”, etc.).

I came up with an idea to have some fun and totally mess with the crazy religious and PC nuts out there and if someone runs with it, they have a guaranteed $100 dollars to their cause. My plan is to make a billboard that is written by the devil. We’d make it Red with gold letters and have it say something like “Have fun before you die! – Lucifer”.. how funny would that be? It could turn into a national thing (if Prince and his guitar can.. why not this)..

Other than being funny, perhaps it would stimulate a discussion of religion in America.. who knows.. what do you think?

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