Let Virgin America Fly

Virgin Airlines wants to open up shop in America. They want to bring some of that awesome service and coolness that they have in Europe here to America on domestic flights. The new company is US run and has a sizable ownership portion owned by Americans. The rest is owned by Richard Branson (who we all know and love). The problem is that there is a law disallowing foreign owned carriers from working in America.

I think that the current carriers simply don’t want any more competition. They want to keep up with the current model of poor service, high prices, bankruptcies and govt. bailouts. I say, let the market decide. If you are interested, you can go to this website to see what VA is planning and sign a petition. There is also an auto-mailer tool so you can email your representatives and friends.

This post was inspired by a Time Magazine article : “Flight Delayed at Virgin

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