In jail for legal pain meds

I saw this story on 60 minutes a while ago and just found it posted here. I’m sure this isn’t the only case of this, but a man in Florida who is clearly in a huge amount of pain was put in jail for 25 years for having too much of his pain meds on hand. There are 2 interesing points here. First is that now that he is in prison he is getting a morphene drip (which is stronger than the meds he had before) and second (as someone else on the web pointed out) Rush Limbaugh (who is an abuser of these same meds and was caught in Florida with a bottle of them not in his own name!) got off with barely a hand slap.

2 thoughts on “In jail for legal pain meds

  1. If he REALLY wasn’t wasn’t trafficking then this is sad, but something seems shady…the doctor was coerced into testifying against him? Was he really? And as for Rush…I don’t think he was ever thought to be trafficking in drugs…he had an addiction; that’s why he got off so easy. Not saying this isn’t an atrocity if this guy is really innocent, but there’s got to be something more to this.


  2. No.. he’s on the up and up. I don’t remember the details of this story but this guy had moved and his doctor wasn’t giving him enough pills, etc. and he did something to get more.. I think he got other doctors, etc.

    His original doctor was pressured to flip by the govt. for other reasons.. and again I can’t remember them..

    Bottom line is that this guy was seriously injured and is in serious pain and needed the drugs he was getting.. the tv report made a pretty clear case that he was not trafficking.


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