Man vs. Wild

Yea.. I remember when Survivor was in its first season. I was so excited to see people actually surviving in the wild. It didn’t end up that way. The show took a different turn and although there was some survival, it wasn’t the focus. I was dissapointed. Well, finally there is a show where you can see someone surviving in the worst places on Earth. It’s called “Man vs. Wild” and its pretty amazing television.

This guy gets dropped into places and has to survive. He’s accompanied by a camera person who documents the journey and it’s pretty amazing stuff.

3 thoughts on “Man vs. Wild

  1. there was [still is?] another show called survivorman on one of the cable channels where the guy is his own cameraman. i’m not sure which one i’m more impressed with since this new show has two people who need to survive. i wonder if the cameraman has a tent and regular food while the crazy guy has to live off the land.


  2. Actually that’s what I thought.. the camera guy has food and water and a tent, etc.. I think having a camera person is cool since it makes the production a bit slicker..


  3. Question for the Man vs Wild fans. Bear was in the Rocky Mountains for 4 days. He became pretty dirty but did not have ANY facial hair growth. He didn’t even have a shadow.

    Being a female I’m a little uncertain, but how is this possible??


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