HD Tivo

Well.. I don’t even have HD yet but I bought my Series 3 Tivo. Only becasue I got a great deal. There is a company called Weaknees that does Tivo upgrades and they are offering Tivo 3 units for $150 off list. They have a coupon code for $100 off and then if you order by Nov 30 you get a $50 gift certificate for their store. Add this to the fact that for $199 (up until dec 31) Tivo is allowing you to transfer your previous lifetime subscription, this is an amazing deal.. So for approx. $850 I get a new Tivo 3 with my lifetime subscription on it.. not bad at all…

The best part is that Tivo gives the old box a one year subscription so I can get more value for it when I sell it.. nice.

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