The right way to audition HDTVs

I’ve been to a lot of stores and looked at a lot of HDTVs and one thing has been consistant: They all looked like complete shit and were impossible to compare. Now I’m fairly confident that most of these HD displays are quite good so that would mean that the stores were doing a miserable job shoing them off.. and why would they care to do better? These things are flying off the shelves.

If they cared to improve their sales process, I’ve got an idea. Maybe someone could build this system and market it to stores. It’s simple.. Collect a ton of HD content (in 720 and 1080, interlaced and progressive, static and moving, dark and light, SD and HD, etc.), put it all on a Hard Drive and add a touch screen display to it. Then feed that drive directly to either (and only) HDMI and componant outputs.. Amplify as neccisarry. This way, the content would be consistant on all of the screens at once and we could elimiate the question of the signal being an issue. Oh.. and also offer the demo source as a DVD so the customer can take it home and get a feel for how the content looks on thier system at home.

Really, 95-99% of the time the signals going into these displays at the store are unidentified and just aweful.. in some displays the signal is going in via Coax and in others HDMI.. the only way to tell is to look behind the display.. but even then, how could you compare the displays with different inputs?

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