Television. The Drug of a Nation

Can I ask a question? Why do the TV networks not “get” the fact that TV shows need to be given some time to “breathe” before they become hits? I can do some research and come up with 10 shows that did terribly in their first and second seasons and then ended up as mega-hits. It seems to me that over the past 3-4 seasons, the networks give new shows 3-4 episodes and that’s it. There is a ton of shows that I loved that got cancelled. Mostly, I’m sure because they didn’t fit the mold of “what TV is for”..

And what is TV for? For most people I think they look at TV as an escape. “give me something simple and stupid and let me get lost for a few hours”. It’s that kind of thinking that gives TV a bad name. I watch a lot of TV but I don’t watch to escape and I don’t watch it as a form of methadone. I watch to be sincerely entertained without having to go out to the movies (which even if I do are usually letdowns anyway).  There is still a lot of great stuff on TV but not as much as I would like. It seems that I’m a small minority.. me, a few friends and the TV critics.

If we let it, TV is going to become pointless to watch. They’ve already ruined the news. Entertainment will be next and then the only thing I’ll have my HDTV (as yet unpurchased) for is sports (which are becoming so corporate to be almost boring).

We can’t let this happen. We need to keep good entertainment on TV. When something good gets cancelled (like I’m sure Studio 60 will and Six Degrees and who knows how many other new shows), you should complain and be heard.

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