More musings on Time Zones

I’ve had this debate any number of times with any number of people, but I think that Daylight Savings time is purely stupid and I further believe that having 4 time zones in our country is even dumber.

Daylight Savings time.. please.. this is a relic from the farming days and causes untold issues for many of us.. deal with the sun being up sometimes and not up other times…

One thought on “More musings on Time Zones

  1. I feel you on the timezones. It also reminds me of a number of different sociological commentaries (mostly written in the ’70’s I think ) arguing against the normalization of the work week. The weakness of these commentaries usually results in the fact that they are approaching it from an anarchistic point of view, which I don’t think need be implicit. But I think it makes a lot of sense, especially in urban setting, and one of its most compelling solutions is that of rush hour traffic.


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