How to get arrested.

I don’t have the time to do an editorial on how stupid and insanse some of the airport security measures are. (I think you all know how I would comment if I did.), but I want you all to to be aware (and keep an eye on) of a story that I just found.. As you should know, to get into the “safe” area of an airport, you need a boarding pass and an ID. If you don’t have them or don’t want to show them, bad things may happen. Now, as many of you should have noticed (I know I did), you can easily forge a fake boarding pass and get through (Chuck Schumer has explained this at length).

So, a doctoral student from the University of Indiana decided to expose the issue a bit more by building his own publicly accessable “boarding pass generator”. He is now being seriously harrassed by the FBI and may end up being arrested. For what you ask? God knows, but they are doing it and this poor kid is going to have to fight for his life with no lawyer or money.

You can find his blog here. You can find great info on his story here. (also here). Outrage? Of course.. this my friends is the world we live in. Instead of solving the problem (if it actualy exists and is in fact actually solveable) of security, we simply arrest and silence anyone who speaks out about it. Ugh.

One thought on “How to get arrested.

  1. I don’t know, isn’t that a little irresponsible though? Most watchdogs talk about how something is possible, not make it possible.

    Something like exposing border security with build-your-own-passport instructions?

    This tool probably wouldn’t hand terrorists anything they couldn’t already accomplish, but it did make it possible for a bunch of second and third tier criminals to wander about secured areas.

    Providing a method to generate fraudulent documents isn’t a very good use of your time if you really care about security. Why not spend your time generating true security methods, and talking about those? Maybe a student might want to research biometric methods, facial recognition, and other technologies.

    It sounds like this guy set a goal of embarassing the TSA, which really isn’t a very challenging project.


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