This video is just one example of just one technique for just one type of voting system that shows how an election can be stolen. This can happen anywhere there is electronic voting systems in place.What can you as a voter do? Pretty much nothing. Sure you can get really involved in teh electoral process and try to influence your election officials. Sure you can pester said officials, but in most cases, there really is no easy way to get them to actually care. The GOP has done it’s homework and they have their people running the elections all over the country (See : Ohio in the last presidential election).Most voters (I would guess about 80%) simply don’t vote. And I can see why they would feel that way.. Look at this comment by a voter (found on the same site as the video) :

Well, I was being a little superfluous, but I still won’t be voting. By voting, I tacitly give my support to a system that I disagree with. Besides the fact that one person doesn’t make a notable difference, voting at all is a vote for centralized power. No thanks 🙂

Makes sense doesn’t it? I almost agree with the guy. But I live in a non swing area. I know my vote will be counted since we’re predominanly Democrat and that’s the way I vote. But across the state? Across the country? Most people are in high risk areas. Add to that the fact that most districts have been gerrymandered and guess what? Voters have little say in who really ends up in office.The only solution I see is for someone in office now to stand up and do what we as voters cannot do. Someone in office at the state or federal level has to decide to make it his or her cause to get this electronic voting stuff ironed out. Hopefully somewhere out there that elected official will stand up for us. Is he or she a congressman? A State Senator? Who knows?

Electronic voting can work. The voting process in America can be fixed (along with the antiquated electoral college). We just need somone to stand up and help make that a reality. Call your elected officials and demand that they get some balls and do something!!

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