Foley and his Pages

I’m not going to comment on whether a 16 year old is “harmed” by getting (and possibly participating in) sexual emails and IM’s from someone much older than themselves. I mean, what makes an 18 year old much different than a 16 year old? It’s an objective line where a subjective one may be more suited..

But what I am going to comment on is what makes me so mad about this whole issue and that’s that most people are ignoring the real story here. Mark Foley was a leading proponent of legislation against this activity (on moral grounds!). What I’m angry about is that Foley, like a lot of other “moral” Republicans are complete fucking hypocrites!! Why aren’t people looking at this guy and thinking to themselves “you know what? Can we legislate morality? Does it make sense?”.. why aren’t they wondering what other lies our leaders are telling us? Why does this not spark debate on the issues of passing this morality legislation from such lofty pedestals?

There is little or no questioning of the House Ethics committe and people are actually finding reasons to protect Hastert even though he knew about this stuff years (YEARS!) ago..
So you and everyone you know should be outraged about this incident and not becasue of the “helpless” 16 year old pages but by the fact that our congress (our congress people!) is filled with lying, hypocritical assholes and we need to stand up and do something about it! What the fuck man?!?

ps. VOTE in November!!!!!

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