The Neighborhood Pet Registry

Do you have a pet? If you are like me, you have one or more pets (I’m talking about dogs and cats here) at home. I am often worried that a) one of my pets may get out of the house and out into the “wild” and b) someone elses pet may get lost and someone may see it and think it’s a stray and c) maybe I won’t be at home and there is a fire and my pets won’t be saved.

Well, I thought of a soution to this problem and whoever makes up this web site will make some serious money while doing an great service to pets everywhere.

My idea is a web site that acts as a pet registry. What makes it interesting is that you somehow make it very localized (ie. accessable to anyone within 5 blocks of your house) so you can only be aware of pets that are living nearby. The website can have photos of the pets with their names and some contact info and your address. This way if someone sees a pet they can scan the site for the pets in the area (some search tools? cat/dog, big/small, colors?) and see if it belongs to one of the neighbors. In the event of an emergency they can look and see if your address has pets associated with it, etc.

The more I think about this the idea of a ‘neighborhood’ portal is applicable to more than pets. If one can get the localized concept working, they can do all kinds of things.. (neighborhood message board, car registry, children registry, etc.).

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