Sirius .. yet again

So.. news comes out that Sirius passed the 5.1M member mark today making it the leader of subscriber growth (over XM) for the 4th quarter in a row. So, what happens to the stock price today? Off by almost 3%. Interesing huh? It actually gets more interesting.

See, after seeing this good news/stock drop thing happen for like the 20th time I decided to actually look at the stock price as it correlates to the news. If you go to somewhere like google finance you will see a chart that looks like this:

Sirius 5 Day
If you look at it you can plainly see that yesterday night (before the announcement) there was a flurry of buying that drove the price up a huge amount. After the story you can see even more volume by profiteers with the net result of the stock dropping off in price. So, from what I can gather there is some insider information going on and big investors are profiting on that information. Sadly, we simple regular investors have no way to get in on this.. all we have is our long term belief that a stock will appreciate. That’s the sad truth and one more reason that we regular folk should not be investing in individual stocks.

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