Fall TV

Well, the first week of fall TV is almost over and I’ve seen a lot of the new shows. Let me tell you this. Of all the shows I’ve seen, there are only 2 I like and those two are simply amazing and I hope, prey that they continue for a long time. The first I’ve mentioned before and that’s “Studio 60”. I won’t talk more about it other than to tell you that it’s well written and entertaining and (important) not a serial so you don’t need to see it every week (although you’ll want to).

The second one I finally got to see last night via Tivo. It’s also on NBC and it’s called “Heros”. At first I was skeptical and thought it would be kind of lame. Let me tell you something. This show is amazing. It’s like a comic book come to life. It’s a mystery. It’s sci-fi. It’s the X files and X men all rolled together. It’s really good. I suggest you try to find a showing of the pilot (it’s on the same DVD from Netflix as the Studio 60 pilot and also shown on Sci-Fi channel and I’m sure On-Demand) and see it before Mondays second episode. This show is just cool and fun.

My girlfriend and I agree however that we may have been better off not getting hooked since we fear that it may not last on NBC. It seems to us that the more complex, non-traditional, stuff never seems to last. We’ll just have to see.

One thought on “Fall TV

  1. Hi!I stopped watching TV in the late 90s. Unlike most things in my life I didn’t do it (just) to advertise my excellence or to distance myself from the plebes. The driving reason was that my access to TV at the time was extremely limited. But I also felt that TV writing wasn’t up to par with my intellectual pursuits.
    I only got back to watching TV two or so years ago. And I was flabbergasted – yes, flabbergasted – at the apparent increased quality of TV writing. The main reason for this is the rise of the TV serial.


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