If you saw “Hotel Rwanda” and was horrified at how close to a million people were murdered in 100 days, you were probably feeling like “where was I when it was happening?” or “Why didn’t I know?”. It’s not your fault. Africa isn’t sexy at all for the MSM to cover.

But let me tell you something. Right now, right this second, there is a new Rwanda brewing. It’s happening in Darfur. Take a moment to search the recent news on the region. Here is a country ruled by an Arab that has government sponsored death squads murdering non-arab citizens. Here is a country that although the U.N. wants to put in some peacekeepers, the president won’t allow them. Read any article or editorial about the region and you will see that there is potential for mass genocide here and the only solution seems to be to march in a NATO army like we threatened in Bosnia.

We’ve got to do something there. The key at this point is to simply be more educated. Lets get this country and this continent into our consciousness so we can (and will) discuss it with friends and neighbors. Lets force our MSM to cover it and our government to do something. We can do it. It all starts with you reading up and learning a bit. As you do, you’ll see that this is supremely important.

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