The MSM has failed us

Why do people read and write blogs? It’s simple. The MSM (particularly newspapers) have failed us. I first started writing in my blog to talk about cool ideas I had and talk about my life.. but I evolved/devolved into writing about the news (particularly politics). Why? Because I couldn’t get the news from the MSM anymore. I couldn’t trust it anymore.

I stopped watching the local TV news years ago when it finally dawned on me that 90% of it was either fluff, filler, subjectivity or propaganda. I started to feel that way about the papers to a lesser extent but gave up once I started to see that most papers were politically slanted and couldn’t stay objective in their reporting.

It doesn’t help that almost all papers and all TV news is owned by huge companies. How can you feel that a) they care about your local issues and b) aren’t motivated by dollars?

So we turn to each other for the news. Sadly most bloggers don’t have the time or the resources or the access to get the news right but you know what? We give credibility to each other because we know that what we write (for the most part) is unmotivated by external factors– what we write is what we feel is the truth.. and that is pretty powerful in it’s own right.

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