T.O. Suicide attempt

http://www.deadspin.com/sports/nfl/to-tried-to-kill-himself-203550.php  .  How would you feel if an entire city hated you? Can you imagine that?  This guy has been getting a totall bum rap by us here in Philly and I could cry when I think about how he might feel. Here is a guy who is all about playing football and he does it incredibly well.. but he isn’t great at dealing with the media.

First of all, think about what happened. We all say he was pigheaded to ask for a raise. Was he? Have you ever asked your boss for a raise? He had a contract? How many NFL contracts are fair to the player and the team? Most of them allow the team to fire you at will.. so you can’t ask for a raise? The Eagles should ahve given it to him. He certainly deserved it.. look at his play in the superbowl! A game that they would not have been in w/o him. Some say a raise would have made other players want one. How hard would it be to tell Rod Hood “yea.. play like T.O. and then come back and we’ll talk”? T.O. was a superstar and within the team he should have been treated like one.

And the TO/Donovan deal.. that stuff 10 years ago was always settled in the locker room and kept there. It was Donavan and the teams fault that it all got out into the media.

Fact is, this guy is an amazing football player and we should jude him on that and that alone.

2 thoughts on “T.O. Suicide attempt

  1. Are you kidding, I cant believe your revisionists history. It would have been fine for him to ask for a raise, as anyone should have a right to do, but its different when you say that I am not coming to work if you dont give me a raise, and even if I do come to work I am going to make it as difficult as possible for everyone else to do their job. TO brought the hate on himself, it could have been equally intense in a loving manner, but he didnt understand the philadelphia landscape well enough, and was ultimately jealous of Donovan (its very interesting that he issued a public apology to that effect just last week)

    Donovan has certainly dissappointed me in how he handle certain things regarding TO, but he certainly didnt initiate the public airing of locker room affairs, inocently Hank Fraley did. And also, the Eagles did win the campionship game to get the super bowl without him, so while I would agree that he had a large hand in the amazing season they had, I think its much less clear that they wouldnt have been able to do it without him.


  2. Maybe.. I still feel that the Eagles are to blame for the T.O. fiasco. They could have handled things much better. And I don’t think TO held out for more money at all. I think he asked for it yes, but I don’t think he threatened to hold out.

    And no.. the Eagles would not have had such a favorable series of playoff games, nor playoff momentum had they not had such a great record and that was all (and I mean all) due to TO.


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