No Internet

Sorry to have been so distant, but alas my net connection is again down and has been for 3 days now (thanks Comcast!). But I do have a couple film reviews for you. Since I had no net yesterday I had time to watch tv. Saw 2 films. First was “Born into Brothels” and it was pretty good. Not amazing, but still interesting. If you ahven’t seen it, it’s about a group of children from the Red Light area in Calcutta (India). It’s sad in a lot of ways that these kids are essentially fucked from day one and also amazing that they show these talents that make you think: “shit, they don’t deserve this life they are in”.. I guess in some ways thats the story of a lot of us.. in civilized society and otherwise.

The other film.. yea.. almost didn’t watch it but it was reccomended by someone so I had to.. I’d been putting it off for a long time since the star (Vin Diesel) was someone that I hardly respected in any way, but it was directed and co-written by Sidney Lumet (Dog Day Afternoon, Network, etc) so it had some credibility. The film was called “Find me Guilty” and it’s a courtroom drama that pretty closely follows the true story of a RICO trial in New York in the 80’s. Most of the courtroom dialog is straight from the public record of the trial.
I have to say that the film was quite good actually with Diesel the biggest surprise. I totally reccomend it if you want to see a cool mafia courtroom drama.

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