Anna gained a daughter and lost a son

Wow! Waht the hell is this all about? Apparently Anna Nicole Smith’s son Daniel simply died while sitting in a chair at the hospital where his mom had just given birth to a daughter. I don’t know if any of you watched her show on E a while back, but her son was on it.

I guess I’m just trying to figure out how a 20 year old healthy boy dies in a hospital! I guess it’s not always better in the Bahamas huh?

2 thoughts on “Anna gained a daughter and lost a son

  1. I have an Anna Nicole question that is completely off topic here. How does she support herself? It’s my understanding that it still hasn’t been decided if she gets the late husband’s fortune. The Supreme court simply ruled that she has the right to pursue it. So while that’s tied up in court, how does she support her lavish lifestyle and her children? I never watched her show, so perhaps that gave some insight into that. I assume she makes a lot of money off publicity, like the Trimspa ads, the reality show, etc.


  2. She’s a celebrity and in this country that guarantees you cash from endorsements and appearances and residuals as well.. I’m sure she does quite well for herself.


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