Air America going Bankrupt?

I’m hearing a lot of rumors about AA declaring bankruptcy. I can believe it. While they have an amazing group of talent and some serious content, I think they have been poorly managed from the start. I think lately the probelm is that nobody can get to hear them. I certainly can’t. Their terrestrial stations are very poor and don’t cover much of the country and they (in an incredibly stupid move..of course I can’t find my earlier post about it) signed an exclusive with XM and dropped off of Sirius.

The most I can do is to stream them and that’s hard since I have to be at my pc and I can’t listen and type or work at the same time since I get too distracted.

I don’t know.. I’m not worried. If they go under, Randi Rhodes will still have a national show somewhere as will Al Frankin and Sam Seder.. Perhaps someone will come buy the network and manage them right.. What a shame if the rumors are true!

One thought on “Air America going Bankrupt?

  1. i dunno. the rumors have been flying since the start and they’ve been keeping things together for a few years now. but who really knows for sure. not the on air talent for sure as we found out in the weeks following the launch of the network when they really were bankrupt.


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