The Tivo 3 is out!!

Damn.. I’ve been waiting for this day.. Take a look here. It’s out and it’s pretty sweet. The thing is that I don’t have an HDTV now. Now I may have to get one. I found a review on the Series 3 here and another here. Now I have to add $1000 to my budget.. but finally I’m going to have what I’ve been begging for for a while now…

3 thoughts on “The Tivo 3 is out!!

  1. Ok, that thing is way too expensive. And are you sure that Comshaft will bring you a cablecard as politely as Time Warner did? Anyway I don’t have an HDTV, nor do I see getting one in the near future, but I would like to plop down the $200 fee to transfer my lifetime Tivo service to future Tivo Series 3.1 (when cablecard 2 comes out)


  2. yea.. it’s up there.. and I would need 2 cards actually. I think I can get the cards pretty easy from Comcast.. they are obligated by federal law to provide them… You do have a point about the 3.1 and cablecard2 and a better point about the $200 lifetime transfer fee.. I see that as a great deal for me since one of my boxes would be replaced…


  3. oh.. and I don’t care about cost.. if something works as I intend and is something I use daily then any price is worth it for me..


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