Smart Receptacles

In my world people want to have as much (or as little) information as possible. This totally applies to our energy usage. I know that I came up with the idea a while back to have a personal power meter to help us monitor our energy usage. My new idea comes from a dialog I had with a friend about this very subject. It may in fact be his idea, I’m not shore which of us came up with it. But that’s not important. The important thing is to get the idea out there to the world.

So. With that said, here is our idea. The concept of monitoring electricity usage in total is a good one, but it would be more useful to know how much energy our appliances were using in isolation. This way you could know that your dishwasher was working ok, but your TV (suprisingly enough) was using a ton of power as you left it on all day not watching.The

idea is to create outlets that sense power usage and then to be able to monitor the outlets using the same software I proposed in the previous article. We all know that transmitting Ethernet is possible over powerlines so it would only take a little engineering to add in a network interface to these new “smart receptacles”. Then you would have power usage info, by outlet and in total for your entire house. How cool would that be?

Whoever makes these outlets will undoutably make a fortune as the green wave overtakes our lives. They can certainly reward me as they see fit for the idea.

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