Roger Waters

I went up to N. Jersey to see Roger Waters yesterday. He did 2 sets. The first set was mostly Floyd stuff with about 4 solo songs which were fantastic. The set ended with “Pigs” and it was amazing.. They had this huge floating pig that they dragged through the audience (which was like 30k people) and near the end they just let it go and it slowly and gracefully floated upwards towards the moon. They had this powerful follow spot light that stayed with it as it acended and it was just mesmerizing to watch it climb, and climb and get smaller and smaller.. Hard to explain how cool it was actually. The only think I wonder about is if the Pig was biodegradable or if it’s going to show up on someones lawn today or tomarrow.
There was a 15 minute break and then the second set was a full on perfect rendition of Dark Side of the Moon. We couldn’t stay until the end (work night) but what we heard (up through the end of “Money”) was really good. The sound effects were awesome since there was surround speakers set up.. Was pretty cool.

I guess my main complaint was that there wasn’t that much solo stuff. The audience didn’t agree with me as they only seemed to respond to the Floyd stuff.. so I guess Roger had the right plan afterall..

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