The Casey/Santorum debate

Let me preface this post by saying that there is no doubt in my mind that Bob Casey would make a wonderful U.S. Senator and there is no doubt that he would do better than Rick Santorum. And this isn’t just from the liberal/conservative standpoint, this is across the board.

With that said, Bob Casey didn’t even come close to winning that debate on Meet the Press yesterday. If you listen to all the political types (and I can’t help it, but I do) you would think that Casey beat the crap out of Rick and had Tim Russert joining in. Not so. To the average voter Rick Santorum did what he needed to do. He stuck to his guns, gave straight answers (that may or may have not been factual, but what voter checks facts?), linked Casey with the Pay-Raise and overall looked like a confident, focused hard worker.

Now, let me just say that I know that Rick Santorum is none of those things, but when you are running for office in America today, it’s not about the truth, it’s about the image you project. Like it or not, Rick is a great candidate. Like it or not Bob Casey is not.

I like Bob Casey’s style. I like a guy who is calm and soft spoken, who knows his facts and never looks shaken. The regular joe voter, I’m not so sure. My girlfriend pointed out that in W. Pennsylvania where being a tough manly man is everything, Bob Casey is going to have a tough climb (no matter that he’s from that side of the state or not).

Bob Casey has to stop listening to his sycophantic consultants and campaign “geniuses” and start speaking to the people. He needs to stop running this cool, calculated campaign. It’s making me really nervous. But yea, I know that elections aren’t about speaking to all the people. They are about speaking to your swing votes and maybe the Casey campaign knows something I don’t about that. We’ll just have to see in November.

5 thoughts on “The Casey/Santorum debate

  1. I disagree. I think Casey was at his best, and I think Rick looked like his bumbling religous right self. And Russert was clearly trying to make Rick look bad on more than one occassion. Santorum showed his real colors when asked about his stance on the morning after pill. He just kept saying it’s a form of abortion, it’s a form of abortion and he sounded so stupid. He wouldn’t elaborate on that one at all. I especially liked how reserved Casey was when Russert brought up the Rick not really living in PA issue. He took the high road and said he chose not to debate that, but would rather stick to the issues. I think he’s coming along.


  2. Here’s what I had to say on the debate:

    Here’s another example of how overmatched Casey was:

    MR. RUSSERT: I think there’s an evolution in your thinking. Let me go back to April of ‘05, the Philadelphia Daily News said, “The key thing now is to finish the job.” That’s Bob Casey, quote/unquote. October, “Some people think that pulling out is a good idea and a timeline is a good idea, I don’t agree with that. We’ve got more work to do to make sure that we get it right.” Then in June of ‘06, Bob Casey said, “He doesn’t believe U.S. troops should be removed from Iraq immediately but should be by the end of the year. He said the country has a new government and that it’s time for the Iraqis to take a greater role in defending themselves.” Should we finish the job? Or should we remove the troops by the end of the year?
    MR. CASEY: Tim, I’ve never favored a deadline in, in, in this whole campaign. Because we have to do everything we can to, to hold the administration accountable. And when you’re, when it’s not going well, you, you see the, the Pentagon report this past, just in the last couple of days, this thing is headed toward civil war. We don’t know if it’s there yet. We hope it’s not. But when you have it heading in the wrong direction, you’ve got to have a new course. And, and…

    Mr. Casey can say that he doesn’t favor a timeline all he wants but saying that he wants them removed by year’s end is setting a deadline. Here’s another answer that I thought was suspect:


  3. Like I said.. Santorum is moron and his abortion via. the morning after pill was a wonderful example of that.. but at least he stands for something and that’s what people vote for..


  4. I watched it about four times, and I have to agree with Daddy Democrat: Russert was the clear winner.

    But knowing the facts a little better than the average voter, Santorum rang really hollow on a range of issues. And while I wish Casey could come off a little more charismatic for the benefit of the average voter, I think you might be discounting the value of the Casey name. Which is a really terrible reason to vote for a candidate, but in PA (especially western), that name is pretty powerful stuff.

    Not knowing your age, I can’t be sure that you’re too young to appreciate the depth of his father’s political roots, but I notice a lot (not all, but a lot) of Democrats who are most down on Casey (for other than ideological reasons) are those who are too young to know the swagger that family name has held in PA politics.

    Again, on it’s own, name recognition is a terrible reason to vote for a candidate. But I have a sense Casey’s handlers might be keying on that as part of the strategy, and knowing the average voter, I wouldn’t bet against it.


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