Casey v. Man on Dog

Who watches “Meet the Press”? Not me. Anyway, had I known there was a Casey/Santourum debate on there I’d have at least Tivo’d it. I hear that Casey (surpringly enough) kicked Ricks ass. I’m hunting for the video of the show.. if anyone finds it before me, please let me know.

4 thoughts on “Casey v. Man on Dog

  1. I watched it. He did. I despise Santoroum, but I was surprised that Casey wasn’t as flat and lifeless as he usually comes across. Why don’t you just do a search on Tivo? Won’t they rerun it in the wee hours of the morning or something? Even though I’m voting for Casey (we have to get Santorum out of here!), I thought the latest Santorum commerical was pretty clever. It shows someone putting up a huge roadside billboard and at first it says, “casey for gov” then they’re tearing it down and putting putting up, “Casey for Treasuruer” and then “casey for attorney general” and they ” Casey for Senate..” kind of like saying, “does he just want any office?”


  2. Yup.. I found that out and Tivo’d it at 6pm. I’ve since seen 1/2 of it… And yea, that’s a great ad with the billboard…


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