Digital Infinity and the conspiracy theorist

So, I noticed in my blog stats that I’ve been getting a ton of traffic from ip addresses that belong to a company called Digital Infinity. Apparently they are running some email harvesting bot (I’ve since blocked them). For those interested, see here, here and here. Anyway, in my hunt I came across the home page of a guy named Tom Christian who has this long story to tell about Valerie Plame and the CIA and (apparently since I never finished reading it) how they tormented and followed him for the better part of 10 years. I eventually will finish reading it.. it reminds me of the Mel Gibson characters rants in “Conspiracy Theorey” actually, but who knows? Maybe this guy has a valid story…

One thought on “Digital Infinity and the conspiracy theorist

  1. When I was a teenager some kook started sending reams of info to my Dad. It all pertained to a nuclear powered spaceship he’d apparently been trying to sell to the aviation industry and the government. There was also plenty of stuff about commies and papers stashed in a safe house in Greece and what to do in case the government tried to kill him over his design.

    Since the letters to my Dad actually contained the personal addresses and phone numbers for people like the Assistant Secretary of Defense and the CEO of Cessna, my Dad thought it might be prudent to tell the FBI.

    Their answer…”Yeah, he’s a nut. We know about him. Don’t worry”.

    To this day I’m not sure whether I should be comforted or appalled.

    Maybe it’s the same guy resurface 30 years later under a new name.

    Hey, it could happen!


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