CBS and the Katie Photo

I saw the cover of the Daily News today and it had a comparison graphic of the two photos of Katie Couric (story here if you don’t know what I’m talking about) and at first I thought “who cares? Report on some real news!” then I thought more and realized that this was a huge story that was actually being underreported.

There are 3 major network news programs and the key to a network news show is to have trust with the audience. Right now the MSM has a serious trust issue and with one of the networks (CBS) getting a new news anchor (Couric) you would think that they would be all over the trust issue from the start.. kind of like “hey.. we know you don’t like us or trust us, but here is a fresh start.. Katie is going to be the anchor you can tune into every night for the honest news”. So you can imagine what a problem it is that they usher her into her new post with an altered photo. In light of all the doctored photos in the news lately, that’s really not a good thing at all.

So, the story is huge. Here is a major network caught lying to you about their own figurehead! Trust, heh.. who needs it? Oh.. the Daily News isn’t doing you much good by kidding around about it either.

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