I’ve been looking for a HDTV now for a while. The past few weeks I’ve been more serious. I’ve been to a number of stores and you know what? I haven’t seen one store yet that had a range of tv’s that were a) calibrated correctly, b) had good source signals, c) all were displaying the same signal at the same time and d) had a possibility of viewing SD content. How can someone be expected to select a TV that they are going to spend $3-$5000 on and not be able to see it work as intended? The stores so far have proven useless and the research I’ve done online in forums (AVS forum has been the best) just has story after sotry about poor store experiences.

I’m amazed that people have actually been able to make informed decisions about their HDTV purchaces, but actually I’m not. It seems that people jsut buy what they can get a deal on and really don’t look at the quality or even know a good tv from a bad one. Americans really don’t care about quality like they used to it seems…

2 thoughts on “HDTV

  1. Yea.. that’s actually the place I was at last that drove me to post đŸ™‚ They wouldn’t even let me touch a remote control…


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