Check Engine

If you own a car, you’ve seen the Check Engine light. In my girlfriends car 2 weeks ago that light came on and I insisted that since she hadn’t been to the dealer in a while we go there to have the light diagnosed and get a 40,000 checkup. $1,500 later we found out the light had lit up becasue the battery was weak. Now a bunch of the money was for the checkup itself but the check engine “diagnosis” cost $170! And that was just to see what the light was on for. What a fucking scam man!

So, the light is back on now and you can already be sure how I feel about it. I am not going back there and spending $170 for them to tell me my wiper fluid is low. What gives? Well, all new cars from 1996 on have these diagnostic computers in them that turn on the light. The feds (doing something useful for a change) mandated that all cars should have the same interface and codes so one can plug in a diagnostic tool to the car to see what’s up. This was called OBD-II.

I found on Amazon an OBD-II reader for $60 that not only tells me the code, but allows me to reset the light. So now we can diagnose the deal ourselves and if it’s bad, we can go have it fixed. The tool reviews are great and I’ll let you know how it works for me when I get it.

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