How is this racist?

I’m missing something here. The new “Suvivor” this year is going to initally seperate the tribes by race. Now people are calling it racist and protesting over it. I guess it’s normal to have protests, but come on! This one is such a waste of time and energy. First off, the show has been taped and is over already. Secondly, just because a group of people may fare better than another group says nothing about the race in general. Thirdly, other shows have grouped contestants by similarities (Women vs. Men, College vs. no College). Lastly, if you had seen the show in the past, people of certain similar groups (men/women, black/white. alpha/non) ended up allying anyway.

I don’t know. I guess I’m in the minority here. I’m far from racist, but I understand that some people are different than others and inevitably different groups form in society. I think that by obsessing about our differencens we only increase the seperation we all feel. I think that if we just acknowleged that people are different and that we will never be homogenious and if we celebrated our differences as something good instead of bad maybe we could move forward in society.

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