The 9/11 Report

I finally finished reading the 9/11 Report. The version I read was the one published by the New York Times. It was a long read (considering that the report didn’t start until I’d read 100 pages of introductions and stuff, which were interesting). Let me start off by commending the people who wrote the report. They did an amazing job considering all the stonewalling they faced across the entire government. They did an amzing job getting facts and information from all the sources they could find and putting them all together in a cohesive report. There is no doubt that if the BWH would have cooperated more, there would have been even more useful info disseminated, but of course that didn’t happen.

I highly reccomend that you buy a opy of the book if you are interested even in the least about 9/11 and terrorism. There is a ton of facts in the book and a good amount of background info and info on how the govt. and it’s agencies are structured, etc. There is, of course great info on 9/11 as well. But you should remember that in some cases the information in the report is single sourced and should not be taken as gospel.

I think what I got most out of the report and what I was most surprised about was the fact that the comission did more than just report the facts. These guys took a really good and hard look at the way our government and agencies work and they made some really good recomendations on how to make things better. I know that the BWH has been resistant to most of the reccomendations and that’s just simply sad stuff since these ideas are really, really good and they are more than just pie in the sky. These are reccomendations by a group of people who really studied the failures we had on 9/11.

I hope that the next administration will take a more active role in re-organizing our capabilities and take these reccomendations as a serious set of guidelines.. We’ll see I guess..

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