The Police

I am predicting that “The Police” are going to do a reunion album or tour. At the least, I predict that they are going to release a new DVD (since they can’t do a box set). Why do I make this prediction? It’s simple. I can see that they are increasing their exposure in the media..

About 2 weeks ago, my girlfriend and I saw a movie made by Stewart Copeland called “Everyone Stares: The Police Inside Out“. It was on Showtime or HBO (can’t remember). The film was a documentary about the band that Stewart made from his Super 8 films. It was great by the way, but that’s not the point. Since seeing that film, we’ve heard Police songs on the radio every single day. We’ve heard them in stores, we’ve heard them on satalite, we’ve heard them everywhere.

Coincidence? Hell no. Something is up and I’m on to them. Can’t wait for the reuninon show!

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