Sit-ins. Some suggestions.

Following up on your suggestions for Sit-ins and activism against the War in Iraq…(see this earlier post)

I agree that there is a lot of complacency out there. And getting people motivated to act is a good idea. But I think that demonstrating against the war right now would be counter-productive to ending it – at least on honorable terms. We need a plan to get completely out of Iraq at some point. And the plan needs to be one that can be articulated and achieved by reference to some objective measures and not deadlines. This president seems incapable or unwilling to do so and it will be up to a new Congress to force such a change in approach.

People are acutely aware of the goings on in Iraq and there is a growing disrespect for what this administration and it’s enablers in Congress have done to this country. Iraq is certainly a big deal but in the long term it will not change this country in such damaging ways as many of this administration’s other serial failures – fiscal ineptitude; international disdain; corruption consuming Washington; overwhelming concern about the power of the President rather than getting things done; illegal detentions of Americans and unwarranted surveillance. I could go on and on and still probably not hit all of the reasons for disliking Bush (my wife hates the smirk and that one doesn’t even bother me). Anyway, there are enough other reasons to choose from that demonstrations ought to be more generic. Simply, Anti-Bush. My suggestion would be to bring your own reason for wanting to see Bush step down except the Iraq War and you are welcome. The only military reference would be to Support our Troops. I would suggest Peaceful two hours demonstrations on the first of every month until this president resigns preferably on a two for one basis taking Cheney along.

For the past five years this administration has existed in a bubble created under the pretense of security concern in order to avoid coming into contact with the real opinion of the people. Don’t you think that if Bush could get in and out of a war zone unannounced, that he couldn’t just show up at some major 9/11 event (other than one of those backdrop message events in front of the DAR) or a Superbowl? Why do you think that is? It’s because he can’t face the people and their voices that have heretofore been silenced by the cowering media. So the people need to come to him. Not literally. Figuratively. Peaceful demonstrations in every major city devoid of the polarizing and, I think, counter-productive force of arguing the next step in Iraq might be a more effective way to get to the real issues — his core competence and policies that have made this country less safe, less respected and more polarized than ever. And on a fast track to long term fiscal decay to boot.

It will take many years to undo the damage that this administration has done. The sooner we get started, the better.

3 thoughts on “Sit-ins. Some suggestions.

  1. Great points. Yea, I’m not sure if being anit-war really gets across the whole message like you say. And being non-partisan in our message is key. Personally I think that everyone is just waiting to see what happens in November. I think that if the D’s take over congress, they will be revengeful (which may or may not be useful but will certainly be incredibly fun to watch) and may take the president out all by themselves. If we don’t take over Congress, I may protest over election fraud as well…


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